Top choice for pocket size radios, but somewhat pricey. Check price. 1. Best General Use Portable Radio - Avantree SP850 3-in-1. Avantree SP850 3-in-1 is a multipurpose speaker that features Bluetooth, FM radio, MicroSD card playback, and an auxiliary port. this is a guide to install a 2004 dual din factory receiver in a 94-00 mustang with the MACH460 speakers. from these for pigtails (2 from the 70-5511 kit and 2 from the 71-5520-1 kit), you will need to splice them together. dont worry, this is easy as it is all color coordinated. just match the colors from both kits and splice them together. i. It's not a stock radio, & it did not lose power. The face plate lights up, & you can still select AM/FM, CD, etc. Just either no sound, or crackling sound. Click to expand... Pull the head unit and check the connections, could be a loose ground wire, where the head unit's wire and OEM harness connect. vertical horizons Registered. Joined Jun 8, 2011. 20 Posts. #2 · Jun 12, 2011. gussie said: Hi all,my 06 zafira CD30 radio has no sound but turns on and off,changes channel,tunes into stations and the cd turns on but no sound at all.Just stopped any sound coming out when i was driving along today.Iv checked all the fuses.taken the positive lead off the batterie to reset.

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